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How to build a Fucking Machine

Just admit it. It’s time to put all those tools and parts collecting dust in your garage to a good use.

With FukBox step-by-step instructions you will be able to convert any toolbox into a on-demand pleasure device in just a few free evenings.

Here are the features your completed FukBox will have:

  • Variable speed control
  • adjustable penetration depth
  • detacheable dildo shafts
  • home outlet powered

Build your own FukBox and enjoy countless hours of mechanical love!

Fukbox - Fucking Machine in Action

FukBox pictures

Completed home made fucking machine FukBox - Power socket stripped away Completed home made fucking machine FukBox logo up close

FAQ - Build a Sex Machine - Fukbox

How much will all the parts cost?

FukBox is built with very easy to find free or low cost parts. If you had to buy all the parts brand new, the total cost of the Fukbox is still several hundred dollars less than a similar brand new machine ($500 up to $1400).
A lot of the parts can be found for free on Craiglist or at very low cost on Ebay.

How do I position this Fucking Machine?

You can use it on the bed/sofa/floor propping it with some pillows. If the person is resting flat on her back or stomach, almost no propping is required. If the person is on fours, then you will need a bunch of pillows or a small stool/chair.
You can use belts or elastics to restrain the fucking machine. At high thrusting speeds it can vibrate a lot so it is recommended to use some restrains.

How do I Adjust The Stroke Length

The penetration depth is adjusted by simply moving the connecting rod up or down the flywheel.

How do you adjust the motor speed?

The speed is controlled by a simple light switch!. FukBox aims to help you build the most affordable yet fully functional fucking machine possible. The light dimmer control works perfectly to adjust the speed and is a cheap and easy to find component.

How powerful is this fucking machine?

This fucking machine uses a standard sewing motor which produces more than enough power to do its fucking job properly.
Having said that, you are not tied to getting any specific motor. If your budget allows, you can get a more powerful motor and fuck through concrete walls if you wish too ;p

How much I will save by building my own fucking machine?

$20 bucks is nothing compared to the hundreds or even thousands for a brand new fucking machine.
The instructions will save you a lot of valuable time than if you were to try to come up with all the ideal parts, dimensions, procedures yourself.
The typical FukBox buyer is someone who already owns or has access to a few tools, is on a budget, and loves to build their own stuff.
Wait no more and get your fucking machine instructions today!

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The FukBox instructions are divided into 12 manageable steps and include:

  • online access to the instructions
  • Downloadable PDF version
  • complete parts list
  • required tools list
  • 40 plus detailed photos
  • high quality videos
  • complete explained dimensions
  • links to alternative part vendors

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